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Fort Wayne native Zack Klein has designed a reusable cotton tote bag with a green Indiana printed on it.
"Each is screen-printed by hand, so they're unique and quirky." - ZK

The totes are 100% unbleached cotton canvas and measure 14" wide and 16" tall. Most laptops fit inside easily. "Oh, they're washable too, but will fade a little bit over time. Actually, I like them better as they get older."

$8 - shipping included. Go green. Go Indiana.

I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.

Any Go players in town?

I'd like to play a game or two, any takers?

Aggravated by a near miss on the road.

Apparently there is a service in Fort Wayne called Bar-B-Cutie. I only know this because their van almost ran into me. It would have hit me if I wouldn’t of slammed on my breaks at the last moment.
Since their number and website where plastered over the back of the van, I decided to call them. Surely the manager would want to know that they have a dangerous driver.
First, what happened? I was driving Washington center in the lane to turn on coldwater. (Right past the Wal-Mart entrance.) The van came out of the Arby’s parking lot and crossed 4 lanes stopping a few feet from my car. My girlfriend yelled and I slammed on my breaks. Luckily I didn’t hit the van.
What did they say when I called? The lady on the phone told me that the driver does not represent the company. She asked me what I would like her to do. I told her to tell the manager. She then responded that the driver was the manager.
So here I am. The manager drives recklessly and the company doesn’t care. I’m never going to use a service that behaves in this way and I’m recommending that everyone else avoid them as well.

Old Burgerjoint on Coliseum?

Hubby is looking for the name of an old burger place that was on  Coliseum around Sherman. It was there in the late 80s and was in the funky building with 2 drive thrus.  He thinks it began with an "L" and the hamburgers they had were really sloppy.   Anyone have an idea what the name was?

Hello everyone

I'm under house arrest in Indiana, USA. The internet is my only way of talking to people. I am a lifecaster, and broadcast my webcam as often as I can on Justin.TV:
As you can imagine, I miss interaction with people, so please add me or come for a chat in my channel on JTV, anytime i am on
if anyone can point me in the right direction....
im trying to find  a rental home for my family; husband, myself, and 3  daughters. also have a boxer, who is 5. well trained etc.
We want to find a home in between ft. wayne and Huntington Indiana. prefer being closer to huntington as we are moving up there to take care of a family member of mine who lives in Huntington. Mine and my husbands jobs are transfering to ft.wayne.
i cannot find shite online about huntington. not even a number to call for a property manager.
i might just suck at google right now but im starting to think there is just nothing available.
We do want a site that has photos on it, or a number to call or something ? anything?
i know nothnig about ft. wayne either, so any areas i should avoid or look for would be good information for me. any info would be nice actually.
we are planning on moving in early to mid jan, and looking for a 3 bedroom at least home.
have a budget of 900 ish but the cheaper the better.
thank you in advance  


So I recently stopped drinking. I am trying to find things to do what don't involve liquor. anyone out there have any good ideas? anyone wanna chill?

i am also looking for a roommate, but I don't think that this is the place to search for one.

Nov. 25th, 2008

The Festival of Gingerbread (11/28-12-14) will feature many unique displays this year, including one that my friend Bill worked on (along with his colleagues at Grinsfelder Associates Architects):

Their gingerbread version of the Headwaters Park landmark joins 105 creative displays in the 23rd annual event which serves as a fundraiser for the History Center.

Go! Enjoy! Admire! Enhale! Just don't eat!

Follow Me - I Know The Way

I have been silent for awhile.  Now I’m back, and am bringing with me a whole new blog.  If you ever found anything I’ve written in the past even mildly interesting, then I would be happy to have you follow me to the new blog:


I hope you make the trip.

This is the only time I will post on LJ again, and obviously the last time I x-post anything.  The new blog will be daily as much as possible, so I'd love to see all of you regularly.

Oct. 22nd, 2008

The Embassy Theatre has a Downtown Fort Wayne Fright Night horror film classic scheduled for October 25 at 7PM - Nosferatu.

The silent film will feature Dennis James on the Grande Page pipe organ.

Nosferatu was originally a Dracula rip-off, an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel that resulted in a successful copyright infringement law suit after which all copies of the film were ordered destroyed. The decree came a little late as the film had already been distributed around the world. Now in the public doman, Nosferatu, is considered a horror film classic and makes a fitting compliment to other Halloween festivities being offered in Fort Wayne this fall.

Just a word of warning, though, this vampire is nowhere near the classy (albeit deadly) representation that Bela Lugosi successfully stereotyped in his 1931 film. Nosferatu takes vampires to a new, rodent-like low. But hey, it's still fun and with James on the pipe organ, it should make for a unique seasonal experience.

The Embassy Theatre
Saturday, October 25 at 7PM
$7 adults, $4 students